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Preschool for 2-year-olds to 4.6-year-olds

Our Philosophy

At Early Learning Foundations, our philosophy is based on the belief that children are competent, self–driven learners who benefit most through exploration and their interactions with each other. Our approach to curriculum is play–based and child–led, emergent and integrated.
It is always our goal at Early Learning Foundation to support and encourage children to be inquisitive, spark a lifelong desire to learn, and at all times help them to maintain their innate sense of joy and wonder regarding the world they live in.
Through careful observations, our teachers become extremely attuned to the interests of each child, providing materials to support and scaffold their learning in a way that is fitting to his or her unique developmental strengths and challenges. We also believe that it is important to introduce new concepts, ideas and themes to the classroom in order to ensure that the children are experiencing a range of activities that further support their growth and development. As activities in the classroom emerge from the children's interests, we provide learning experiences that promote development in all domains.

Our Curriculum

Classrooms are arranged into learning and activity centers, including sand/water, blocks, art, writing, manipulative, dramatic play, music, games, library and meeting areas–plus our incredible indoor gym. Each activity offers exciting and meaningful learning experiences while affording your child the opportunity to develop the self–regulation skills that are essential to becoming a well–rounded community member.

All of our teachers hold qualifications relating to Early Childhood Education and Child Development. Additionally, every day at Early Learning Foundations includes 30 minutes in our state–of–the–art gymnastics and sports center, where our expert coaches work closely with each child to fine–tune their developing motor skills, movement and physical aptitude. For our youngest children, the semester starts with a phased separation program, sparking a sense of independence and confidence that will grow throughout their time here.

Early Learning Foundations gives you and your child all the provisions of a preschool but without the yearlong commitment. The Board of Health ensures that the high standards of a fully licensed program are maintained through regular inspections.