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Policies & FAQs


Registration is accepted on a first come first serve basis. Registration is by semester. Tuition is non refundable. Upon registration and signed contract families will be issued a handbook with all policies and procedures.


Q. What are the credentials of your teaching staff?
A. All of our Head Teachers have Master's Degrees in Early Childhood Education and have experience working with young children in a variety of settings. Our Associate Teachers hold , at the very least, Bachelor's Degree's in Early Childhood Education, or related fields and are working towards the completion of their Master's Degree.

Q. What does a typical day look like at Early Learning Foundations? (sample schedule)
A. Although schedules vary by classroom and age group our day usually begins with table top activities and guided free play, a morning Circle Time followed by an art activity, snack time, music and movement, and then time in the Gym working with our Gymtime Coaches. All of our classrooms have sensory tables, easels, small manipulative, block and library areas. Our teachers cook with the children, scaffold their dramatic play, and provide language rich environments to ensure that all of the children thrive!
Our classrooms are self-contained and children remain with their teachers and classmates for the whole year.

Q. Will my child learn the skills they need to know as they progress through Early Learning Foundations?
A. Yes, skills are embedded in the Early Learning Foundations curriculum and our Teachers assess progress through anecdotal and qualitative data. We communicate with parents on a daily basis, and have scheduled Parent/Teacher Conference Days.