Gymtime is all abuzz about our newest program, the Kitchen Little Cooking School! Spearheaded by creator and co-owner, Leah Landon, Kitchen Little will focus on providing healthy meals and food choices to busy families. We are proud to offer children of all ages, as well as adults, the opportunity to take on a culinary adventure that will entertain, enlighten and expand their eating habits.

Through interactive and hands-on classes, Kitchen Little Cooking School will teach kids and adults that food can be fun and healthy and that the kitchen is the perfect creative place to express themselves. All of Kitchen Little’s recipes are vegetarian and nut-free. The kitchen will feature wholesome foods that are free from processed ingredients and refined sugars, but that yield healthful meals delicious enough for the whole family!

The newly renovated kitchen classroom is designed to enhance the learning experience in an esthetically pure, ecologically sustainable environment. It is, most of all, a fun place to learn to cook and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

In addition to the ongoing sixteen-week courses, Kids in the Kitchen, Kitchen Little will also offer Kids’ Workshops, single-class opportunities that give children two years to teen a chance to broaden their culinary horizons. Have fun in the kitchen and let kids of all ages discover what they like most about cooking (and eating!) See below for a description of each class.

Kids’ Workshops:
Cupcakery: Cookies, Cupcakes and Cakes
In Kitchen Little’s signature baking series, your kids will learn fun recipes that incorporate conscious and healthful ingredients.

Pizza, Pizza!
Think outside the pizza box with cheeseless pizzas, quinoa crusts and dessert pies.

Snack Time, Excellent!
Learn how to make your own granola bars, energy drinks, pizettes and muffins. Preservatives and white sugar are OUT, and delicious and addictive are IN.

Team Girls
This pre-teen and teen-based class teaches girls how to maximize performance and feel awesome in the gym. Give your children a chance to learn how to repair muscles with the most beneficial protein, carbs and fats.

Birthday Parties:
Kitchen Little will also offer kids’ birthday opportunities at Gymtime! Where else can your child party in the kitchen? Gymtime and Kitchen Little are teaming up to offer signature cooking and gym combination parties! Custom birthday cakes are also available. Please contact our Special Events Coordinator for more details at 212.861.7732.

Kitchen Party Themes:
Pizza Party
Cupcakery Party

Gymtime Party Add-Ons:
Edible Sand Art
Kids jar and layer their own festive edible creations.

Cupcake Factory
Decorate cupcakes with an assortment of frostings and toppings.
Pretzel Dip
Dip pretzels in chocolate and kids go wild personalizing their own wands.

Moms in the Kitchen:
Moms, never fear! Kitchen Little has you covered (and Dads, too!) with Moms in the Kitchen. Join in the fun as we teach you to create a framework for selecting the right foods and preparing healthy meals. Broaden your repertoire and impress your family and friends with secretly healthy offerings. See below for a description of classes available.

Holiday Entertaining:
Transform your culinary thinking while maintaining flavor and finesse! This class teaches how to make simple, show-stopping dishes. Tradition never tasted so good.

Weeknight Dinner:
Lose the microwave and mundane dinners and get into fast, fresh foods the will keep you feeling and looking great.

After-School Snacks:
Learn how to redefine snack-time by making your own granola bars, power bars, energy drinks and more. You’ll never buy a processed granola bar again!

Beyond Brown Rice:
Millet what? Amaranth who? From salads and pilafs to risottos and puddings, this class will have you thinking beyond just brown rice and exploring grain versatility.

Dessert Re-Do:
Dessert can still be healthful and spruced up by using quality—and surprising!—ingredients. You will learn how to satisfy your sweet tooth with classics like chocolate brownies and key lime pie, without wrecking havoc on your body.

Lean Body:
Moms will learn how to repair muscles with the most beneficial protein, carbs and fats. We can workout every day, but if we don’t change how we eat, nothing will happen.

On your mark, get set, re-charge! No fancy-pants juicer is required to make an amazing green drink. Fall in love with our juice, smoothie and raw food recipes that actually clean the body. Our three and five day cleanses are available at any time.

For more information or to register for classes, please call us at 212.861.7732.