“In my first year as a new mom, I looked back at my pregnancy pictures and reminisced on the longest 40 weeks of my life. The nine months of vomiting, the all-day-long heartburn, the passing out on the train, running to the bathroom every two seconds, the sleepless nights, the swelling of my feet, never knowing what I want to eat and when I finally get it, no longer wanting it…the list goes on. Now, I cannot help but look over at my son and say, ‘I would do it all over again.’ Being a new mom has been difficult at times; however, it is the most amazing, uplifting feeling ever. It is a new type of love that I never knew existed. I recently read this great article, which made me smile and reminded me that we are never alone. Enjoy and remember it is okay to take the easy route every once in awhile if you need a breather! Good luck and happy Mother’s Day! We deserve it!”
Huffington Post Article: Apologies to the Parents I Judges Four Years Ago, Kara Gebhart Uhl
– Rehaab “Rere” Zohny, Customer Relations at Gymtime

“When my son was in 5th grade, he wrote me a page-long letter thanking me for all the things I had given him, saying how much he loved me and apologizing for times when he made me angry. He taped the letter to the computer screen, knowing that turning on the computer is one  of the first things I do in the morning. Reading such a sweet and sincere note was a great way to start my Mother’s Day!”
– Jeanne Chan, teacher at Early Learning Foundations

“When my now-grown son was about eight years old, his school had a sale in the cafeteria of inexpensive items that could be purchased for Mother’s Day. He chose a ‘diamond’ necklace with matching earrings for me. I wore them many times, with none the wiser that they were not real. I was glad to know he saw me as a princess. Even though now I’m closer to a queen than a princess, I still require the royal treatment on Mother’s Day from both of my children!”
– Max Stadnik, Director of Art at Gymtime, Early Learning Foundations and York Avenue Preschool

“Last Mother’s Day, my nephews begged me to sleep over the Saturday night before Mother’s Day. Little did I know that that they had a special “surprise” for me. Ian and Colin woke up extra early to pull flowers from my sister’s garden and make me breakfast in bed as a special treat.
Although I heard rustling at around 4:00am, I was very surprised when they came into my room and yelled, “Happy Mother’s Day!”  What was even more surprising was that they confused cinnamon with pepper when making me a ‘delicious’ breakfast of cinnamon toast!”
– Vicky McLaughlin, Director of Early Learning Foundations Preschool

“My most treasured Mother’s Day gifts are the ones that my son made for me while he was in preschool. From the lopsided popsicle stick ”jewelry box” that is used to this day, to the flowerpot that says, ‘I Love You Mom!’ along with a drawing of both of us, these are priceless gifts, as are the memories that go along with them.”
– Nancy Baldaro, Co-Director of Summer Breeze Day Camp and Admissions Director at York Avenue Preschool

“I am privileged to be a mother of two great kids. There is nothing more gratifying in
my life. Before I had children, Mother’s Day was just running back and forth between my mother and my husband’s mother. Both women are very special to me, but when I became a mom there was no more traveling. It was all about me! After the ?rst Mother’s Day passed, I realized that Mother’s Day was actually all about my children. What handmade present would they make for me in preschool, or what time would they wake me up in the morning to celebrate? There is really no special Mother’s Day that sticks out, because I am the luckiest woman to spend Mother’s Day with my kids in some way or another everyday.”
– Bonni Branciforte, Co-Founder of Gymtime and York Avenue Preschool

“My children still make me a card each year and draw the family or flowers and add a short poem/words of gratitude to the card. It makes a mother smile! When they were younger they made me breakfast (usually raw pancakes), but now they take me out for brunch. Awesome!”   
– Alice Herrera, Teacher at Early Learning Foundations Preschool

Photo: DesignBeep

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