What do you know about Father’s Day? The very first Father’s Day occurred in 1910. Back when the campaign to establish Father’s Day began, some men opposed the concept, saying they preferred a national day of fishing. But, a recent survey by InteractiveDad.com showed 36 percent of fathers prefer eating out with the family as a Father’s Day celebration; 13 percent want an electronic gift; 8 percent would like time alone; while 6 percent covet something sports-related. A whopping 94.7 percent of fathers will get ties!

This year, get creative with the kids and make dad something he won’t soon forget!

Window Card for Dad

NOTE: Young children will need help making the window part of this card, but children old enough to handle a sharp pair of scissors can try to do it themselves with a little adult guidance.


  1. Take two pieces of paper, each 8½ in. x 5½ in. Put one paper aside.
2. Draw square that is 2 in. x 2 in. on the front of the other fold paper.
3. Cut three sides of the square with a pair of pointed scissors, so that the window flaps open. Fold the uncut side of the square towards the outside of the card.
4. Apply glue to the inner side of your card. Place it over the paper you put aside, which now becomes the inside of your card. Make sure you do not apply glue to the window area.
After following the instructions on how to assemble the window card, it is time to decorate it! Markers, crayons and stickers are great materials to use. A photo can be placed in the window or older children might want to draw a portrait of Dad. The youngest will be happy to scribble and use stickers on the outside of the card, then “write” (scribble) a message on the inside. A helping adult can write a Father’s Day message. The freer the children are in personalizing their card, the more Dad will enjoy it!
SHARED by: Max Stadnik, Director of Art at GymtimeEarly Learning Foundations and York Avenue Preschool