Developing good posture habits early on is important for a child’s growing body and overall health. A regular yoga practice can straighten and strengthen the spine, improving posture on and off the mat.

Poor posture habits developed at a young age can cause lifelong implications. Sitting, slumping and slouching can lead to abnormal curves in the spine, eventually causing muscle pain, achy joints, poor sleep habits, chronic fatigue, decreased lung capacity and more.

Standing up straight increases blood flow, sending more nutrients to muscles and bones. It will also give children more energy and the function of their nervous system will work more efficiently. Even breathing and digestion are improved when the spine is upright.

Practicing spine-strengthening poses in yoga is great for our children who often spend a lot of time in a slouched position. Yoga exercises can help counteract the time they spend watching TV or playing on the computer.

Yoga Pose for Posture: COBRA (bhujanga)
– Lay on your belly, tops of the feet on the ground.
– Place hands underneath shoulders.
– Separate legs hips width distance apart.
– Push into hands to lift chest off the ground. Arms are straight.
(NOTE: Only lift upper body. Hips, legs and feet remain on the earth)
– Arch back. Gaze straight ahead or up toward the ceiling.

Take a rest and repeat!

SHARED by: Hilarie Moore, Yoga and Movement Instructor at Gymtime and York Avenue Preschool