It seems the whole world is going green nowadays – ‘Heidi Green’ to be specific. Heidi Green of Heidi Green Photography is known around town for magically capturing kids’ birthday parties in nyc and for her unique, fun family portraits. We asked Green to fill us in on some of her tips for getting those oh-so-perfect shots with some of the most difficult subjects there are – children!
I am often asked about my training and how I got started in the photography business. It was something that was always in my heart. I love taking photos and the challenge of capturing a winning shot. There is something so rewarding about documenting special moments for parents, knowing that they will treasure the photos forever. Since having my own kids (3.5 year old boy/girl twins), I’m even more in-tune with how important this is, as each developmental stage seems to fly by.

I come across many parents who are interested in photography but feel intimidated by the high-end cameras and editing software. Nowadays, digital technology makes it possible for even the non camera-savvy parents to get great shots of their kids…with a little patience, a lot of love, and my photo tips.

  1. Know your subject. Choose a location where your child feels comfortable and at ease so that they will be themselves. If your child loves to run, photograph them in the park.  If they love to curl up at home and read their favorite book, there’s your perfect setting.
  2. Use natural (sun) light as much as possible. A flash can frighten babies and young kids, add harsh shadows and produce red eye.
  3. Focus on their eyes. A sharp, tight shot of your child’s eyes is like looking into their soul.
  4. Come down to their level. Get eye to eye with your child. The shots taken from their perspective will be more unique and personal than those taken from up above.
  5. Don’t be afraid to get close to the subject and fill the whole frame. With more active kids this won’t be easy, so if this isn’t possible, keep your distance and use a zoom lens for the same effect.
  6. Experiment with various compositions and angles. You can get a little artsy by focusing in on different body parts: hands, ears, lips, belly buttons, etc.
  7. Take tons of photos. Don’t be too concerned about getting the ‘perfect shot.’ If you are patient and relaxed there will always be some great images in the end.
  8. Include other people and family pets in the photos. This is a great way to capture memories of your family and pet together. I’m not a fan of props, but it’s a good idea to include your child’s favorite doll, ball or toy. Something you’ll associate them with when you look back on the photos in the future.
  9. Choose non-distracting backgrounds. Some of the most picturesque settings are wide, green fields and well-lit rooms with simple walls and floors. If something in the background doesn’t add to the photo, remove it so that the subject remains the focus.
  10. Be playful so that your child has fun. Make sure to capture them doing what they love most, whether it’s running, jumping, swimming, laughing, or playing with their favorite toys.  Even simple activities like coloring, watching tv, eating, and sleeping can produce beautiful, intimate photos.

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About Heidi Green:
Heidi Green’s photography career began in a classroom. Not in a photography classroom – but a preschool classroom. ­­It was her 15 years as an early childhood teacher that she says sparked her passion for photographing children. With a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Michigan, a master’s in education from the University of California, Los Angeles, and additional training from the International Center for Photography in New York, Green has both the technical skills as well as the most unteachable one – a natural ability to relate to kids. Whether it’s a shot of your daughter eagerly blowing out the candles on her fifth birthday cake, your one-year-old son taking his first, unsteady steps, or your family’s annual holiday card portraits in Central Park, Green approaches each photo shoot as if it were a giant play date.

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