Kids in the Kitchen: 
The Kitchen Little Cooking School’s signature cooking program, Kids in the Kitchen offers children two to seven years old a sixteen-week course featuring a weekly “secret” ingredient. Ingredients range from chickpeas to quinoa to greek yogurt and beyond, and each is incorporated into a three-course meal that often includes a healthful dessert. Not only will kids learn fun facts about each week’s ingredient, they will also come home with tips and recipes for the entire family.

Week 1: Chickpeas
Week 2: Quinoa
Week 3: Tofu
Week 4: Cauliflower
Week 5: Kale
Week 6: Black beans
Week 7: Greek yogurt
Week 8: Lentils
Week 9: Sweet potato
Week 10: Tomato
Week 11: Spinach
Week 12: Brown rice
Week 13: Cabbage
Week 14: Lima bean
Week 15: Broccoli
Week 16: Zucchini

Class Options: Call for more information, 212-861-7732.

Gym Chef:
In addition to Kitchen Little’s Kids in the Kitchen program, we have paired it with our state-of-the-art gym facility and USA Gymnastics certified instructors. Your child will spend the first 45 minutes of each class participating in our cooking curriculum, Kids in the Kitchen (link), where they will have the opportunity to take on a culinary adventure that will entertain, enlighten and expand their eating habits. Once the cooking portion of class is complete, your child will learn to transition from the kitchen to the gym—an important developmental concept.

The gym portion of this class was carefully planned to develop a progression of both gymnastic skills and hand-eye coordination appropriate to each age group. Younger children are challenged to move with control and coordination around obstacle courses as they climb, tumble, balance and jump, all with the support of our certified instructors. In addition to gymnastics, your child will use age-appropriate equipment (obstacle courses, beams and TumblTrak) that emphasize coordination skills and increase spatial awareness.

Additional activities are designed for older children in order to help develop motor skills, strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Students practice specific skills on the balance beam, bars, trampoline, vault and floor. This will prepare students for more advanced classes at Gymtime, but also for a variety of physical activities in their lives.

Class Options:
2-year-olds to 2.11-year-olds, with adults
Cost: $1,175.00
Fall Semester: September 3-December 22, 2012
Monday 9:15a.m.-10:50a.m.
Wednesday 10:05a.m.-11:40a.m.
Thursday 10:05a.m.-11:40a.m.

3-year-olds to 4.11-year-olds
Cost: $975.00
Fall Semester: September 3-December 22, 2012
Monday 9:00a.m.-11:00a.m.
Wednesday 1:30p.m.-3:30p.m.
Thursday 1:30p.m.-3:30p.m.