SHARED By: Melissa Ludwig, Yoga Instructor

With Manhattan’s ING Marathon on November 4, Melissa Ludwig, a yoga instructor at upper east side’s House of Jai, discusses the benefits of yoga for runners.

Your best friend and coworker beg you to incorporate yoga into your rigorous running schedule but until you experience the benefits in your own body, you may be skeptical to give it an Om.

Pause for a moment and listen to your tired legs, sore back and stiff shoulders. Could it be they are crying out for yoga? Yoga is the connection of mind, body and breath and runners can maximize this connection as well as increase strength and flexibility. All you need to try it out is an open mind for a new experience. You will quickly recognize the effort that is needed to practice yoga, but the breath and movement will leave you with more energy to be used during future training runs.

Forward folds can be bittersweet at first, but by the end of class your lighter, longer legs will be a welcome addition to your body. Backbends open the front-side of the body, reversing all the forward momentum that comes with training. Subtle injuries from pounding the pavement will melt away while an inner calm and peace take its place. Incorporating a yoga practice alongside your daily runs will move the body back into alignment and will keep your body restored, refreshed so you can run long, fast and hard for years to come.

When you find yourself incorporating more and more yoga into your routine, the final Om in class will leave you with the same satisfaction as crossing the finish line.

Melissa Ludwig teaches at yoga studios and gyms around Manhattan including a Wednesday evening and Sunday morning class at the House of Jai (1456 First Ave.,646.861.3659). Melissa has completed both a marathon and half marathon and looks forward to helping runners feel good both on and off the track.

Photo Credit: iheartinspiration 

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