SHARED By: Chris Vollaro, Director of Gymnastics and Sports at Gymtime

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My child have developmental delays. Can they participate in gym classes? Can it help?
Absolutely. Our Gymtime coaches have experience working with children that have autism, aspergers, selective mutism and low muscle tone. For example, Gymnastics is a great activity for these children because we can help improve their strength, balance, coordination and overall attention.

Can gymnastics classes be beneficial for a child who is shy?
Yes! While Gymnastics may appear to be just an individual sport, there are plenty of opportunities for social interaction. Important social skills are developed while kids are waiting for class to start, waiting their turn and even hanging around the chalk bucket. Gymnastics can also give children physical confidence and boost their overall self-esteem. When they feel more confident about their body, strength and coordination they tend to become more confident children in general.
Usually by the end of a semester, the child who was the most shy, becomes one of the most social!

My child has trouble separating. Which class is best to introduce separation?
I would recommend Gymtime sports and fitness 2.3