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The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy leaves many of us wondering how we can help. Check out the various organizations who are making it easy to provide aid to the millions who need it.

Donate Money:
American Red Cross – Already having raised $11 million, donations to the Red Cross enable them to provide food, shelter, water and support towards Hurricane Sandy victims. The Red Cross makes it easy to donate:
1. Online
2. iTunes – Open your itunes account and click on the Red Cross icon to donate anything from $5-$10.
3. Text – Text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10

Mayor’s Fund – 100% of donations made to the Mayor’s Fund will be dispersed to relief organizations who will provide immediate aid needs, as well as long-term restoration efforts.

Donate Blood:
New York Blood Center – The Upper East Side Donor Center (310 E. 67th Street) is one of the few locations in Manhattan still running their blood drive. For other locations, visit New York Blood Center’s website.

Also visit and to find blood drives near you.

Donate Shelter:
Airbnb – Between October 31 – November 7, Airbnb will waive booking fees for guests who book, as well as hosts who accept these bookings in affected areas. Existing hosts on Airbnb are encouraged to lower their rental rates, or even waive them all together.

If you are in a position to share space, list it here so people in need will be able to find you.

Donate Service:
NYC Service – Sign-up to be notified of volunteer efforts as they arise.

Many of New York’s parks and playgrounds need clean-up crews Friday – Sunday. Join an organized crew by signing up here.

Donate Food:
City Harvest – If you’re interested in volunteering with City Harvest to help feed those who are hungry, email For food donations, contact Or, donate money

Food Bank for New York City – Making a monetary donation to Food Bank for New York City will help aid emergency response efforts. If you’re interested in becoming a disaster response volunteer, fill out this form support New York’s hungry.

Donate Supplies:
Items Needed –

  • candles
  • flashlights
  • batteries
  • water
  • food
  • socks
  • towels
  • printer paper
  • baby items: diapers etc.
  • pet food

Drop-Off Location: Upper East Side (drop off center for Rockaway/Breezy Point/Broad Channel donations)
Saloon: York Ave between 83 and 84th Street

Please remember that relief efforts will be necessary well after the storm becomes “old news.” Continue to seek out opportunities to help your neighbors and your community. Every little bit helps.

Photo Credit: Humans of New York