Make it MondaySHARED by: Ms. Jamie, Fours Teacher at York Avenue Preschool

Ms. Jaime’s class 4-year-old class at York Avenue Preschool has been learning about different habitats throughout the year. This month, they are focusing on the ocean habitat. They have been learning about the different animals that live in the ocean and the many things they need to survive in this habitat.

In order to encourage children to have a better understanding of habitats, a great project would be to make an ocean of their own! When young children integrate academics into their artwork, it aids comprehension and helps them to make connections between what they learn in school and real-life experiences. The process during an art project is the most important part, however materials can be given to aid a child in this process in an attempt to teach them what an ocean may look like.

In our classroom, we used:

  • Large Poster Board
  • Blue Paint
  • Blue Tissue Paper – Various Shades
  • Glue
  • Sand
  • Paint Rollers
  • Glitter
  • Sea Shells

Allow the child to use these materials in their own creative way to create an ocean that represents the image they have in their mind. We encouraged them to experiment and not worry about copying their friends around them.

The children worked hard and finished with a unique ocean to call their own!