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My daughter is almost 3-years-old and since we are talking about adoption at home, I think it is important to also talk about it at school. But talking to your preschool teacher and talking to toddlers are two different things. Do 3-year-olds really understand?

Perhaps they won’t understand some of the nuances of adoption, but they certainly understand what it means to grow in your mom’s belly and what it means to have a family.  And they will certainly start to understand the word adoption and that it pertains to their family or someone else’s.

So where to begin…

My friend Kim Wilkisson wrote a new children’s book, Would You Love Me as Much? that helps with this topic. It’s become a favorite in our house.

Would You Love Me As Much?
It’s simple and straightforward in stating that not every child grows in their mother’s belly and that doesn’t affect the love that the mother feels for the child.

It’s never too early to talk about adoption.

Keep it simple.

Keep it positive.

Keep it frequest.

Introducing the new words into everyday dialog will make children comfortable with the topic.

Make it celebratory and special…because it is.