SHARED By: Haley Blair, Team Director of Gymtime Gymnastics 

Gymtime is excited to introduce USAIGC to our Gymtime families and gymnasts! Our competitive team began September 2011 and is quickly growing. USAIGC is a great program for our advanced gymnasts who have a desire to compete, but who still want time for family and other extracurricular activities.

What is IGC?
Here’s the scoop: USAIGC (United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs) was created as an optional-only competitive program to provide our gymnasts with the flexibility to perform a variety of gymnastics skills. The USAIGC program encourages gymnasts to refine their skills in a safe environment within a realistic amount of time. This gradual learning curve provides the gymnasts the ability to have a longer and more fulfilling gymnastics career. The goal of USAIGC is to keep gymnasts enjoying the sport through their high school and college years.

Gymtime’s USAIGC team is by invitation only, but we extend an invitation to our advanced gymnasts for our IGC Club! Gymtime’s IGC Club will focus on the USAIGC skills and routine requirements. The goal of our Club is to give these advanced gymnasts an open practice time to strengthen and improve the skills they are currently working on in their Gymtime Gymnastics class. The gymnasts will work with USAG- and USAIGC-certified coaches in a team environment, and will ultimately create routines that will culminate in an in-house meet. Our in-house meets will give gymnasts opportunities to display their skills and routines while getting a little taste of competition. 

Open IGC Club gym hours will be held three times a week. For more information please call us at 212-861-7732.