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Your green thumbs should be itching to get in the dirt this month! Celebrate Earth Day by getting your hands dirty! Involve your littlest green thumbs by getting your container garden going NOW.

Garden experts agree that the following veggies (and one fruit—yes, the tomato is technically a fruit) are the most kid-friendly plants you can put in a pot:

  • Cherry tomatoes (cute and sweet)
  • Beans (bush variety the fastest and easiest)
  • Radishes (almost instant gratification—sprout up fast!)
  • Swiss chard (added benefit that provides alternative for finicky kids who don’t go for spinach. Check out Kitchen Little’s blog post about the benefits of swiss chard, complete with a yummy recipe your little one will love!)

And don’t forget the tried-and-true cress-in-an-egghead option.

Besides the egg, here are other container inspirations that also upcycle materials you probably have around the house:

Milk Jug Garden

And if you’d rather read about gardening instead of getting your hands dirty, here’s a perennial favorite!

Happy Earth Day and happy planting!

Photo Credit: Egg Garden, Can Garden, Milk Jug Garden and The Curious Garden