It’s been a pretty wet spring but we’re hopeful that the official start to summer (June 21) means the nicer weather is here to stay. In the event that there is more rain, follow Ms. Lauren’s instructions for a fun rainy day activity that will brighten your home! 

Make it Monday

FLOWER PATTERNS SHARED By: Lauren Patton, Teacher at York Avenue Preschool

What You’ll Need:

  • a paper circle
  • six paper petals
  • tissue paper
  • glue
  • paint
  • oil
  • pastels
  • one large popsicle stick

What You’ll Do: 

First, we got the circle for the middle of the flower and painted it. 

Paper Flowers - Step 1

Then, we each got six plain petals and picked two colors of tissue paper that we wanted to use and chose the type of pattern we wanted to make. We chose either AB pattern or an ABB/AAB pattern. We crumbled up little pieces of tissue paper to fill each petal.

Paper Flowers Step 2

Paper Flowers Step 3

Paper Flowers - Step 4 When they were all filled we arranged them around the circle in our pattern. The last thing we did was color in the popsicle stick green with oil pastels to make the stem and attached it to the flower.

Paper Flowers_Final Step

All of our flowers were different colors and made a beautiful display in our classroom!

Paper Flower Display