SHARED By: Katherine Grier, Librarian at York Avenue Preschool

Just like its companion” LMNO Peas,” “1-2-3 Peas” by Keith Baker is a great book for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. It uses catchy rhyming words, “One pea searching- look, look, look, Two peas fishing- hook, hook, hook”- and the cute peas are a great tool for helping kids learn to count by ones and tens.

123 PeasThe author does an excellent job incorporating the numbers into the various activities in which the peas are participating and he uses bright, vibrant colors to grab the reader’s attention to the action taking place. Plus, all of the activities are things your child will recognize, including sleeping, construction and sitting in traffic. Each pea has a different facial expression and a different hat, or clothing. Some peas even have hair. I especially like the 100 page. There are 100 peas each holding up a flag with a number. This makes it easier to count all 100 of those peas and may even make it easier to convince your little ones to eat them too!