SHARED by: Katherine Grier, Librarian at York Avenue Preschool

Alphabet Mystery,” “Alphabet Rescue” and “Alphabet Adventure” by Audrey Wood and Bruce Wood.

It is rare to see lowercase letters featured in ABC books, so I was particularly pleased to discover this trilogy that brings lowercase letters to life through playful and exciting adventures. All three books are helpful tools for recognizing letters in both their iterations and they are great fun to read, as well.

In “Alphabet Rescue” readers cheer on the lowercase letters as they fix up an abandoned fire truck themselves, drive it to a big fire and become heroes with fire hoses who save the uppercase letters and the day!

In “Alphabet Mystery,” little letter “x” has run away because he feels useless. The other lowercase letters fly off on a pencil to solve the mystery of his disappearance. They find “x” in the castle of a mean capital letter “M.” They successfully convince “x” that he is important, but then must come up with a way to make big “M” let him go so they can return home to help a little boy celebrate his mother’s birthday.

In “Alphabet Adventure,” as the lowercase letters march over a bridge to school, little “i” falls into the water. The other letters work as a team to save her, but they soon realize she is missing her dot. Readers can search the next pages of the book along with the other letters in an attempt to find the missing dot. Observant youngsters will probably spy that pesky dot quickly, although I confess that it took me a few tries to find her on the party page. The little letters’ hunt also is unsuccessful and they resolve to find a replacement “dot.”  Just as they settle on a cherry, the missing dot jumps out of hiding and the team of letters gets to school just in time.

This trilogy of ABC books is really one of my family’s favorites! Enjoy!