Your first Mommy and Me class can be intimidating. We understand that your first organized activity with your young child can be owerwhelming, which is why we pulled some tips from our coaches and teachers to ease your first class anxieties and allow you to enjoy your experience as much as possible! 

Be a Role Model – Your child is a sponge. If you display good behavior (listening, following directions), your child will take note and follow along.

Take a Break – Class can be overwhelming for a young child, especially if it is new to their routine. Pay attention to your child’s behavior and if you feel like they might need a break from the class, do not be embarrassed to step out of the class for a couple of minutes and join the group when you’re both ready.

Expectations – We all have it in our heads- a wonderful, perfect experience at your first mommy and me class. Reset your expectations. It is common for a child to be overwhelmed for the first couple of classes. They might have trouble transitioning from one activity to the next or are hesitant to explore. Be patient. They will eventually get into the class routine and love it!

Cell Phones – Out of respect to the teacher, your classmates and your child it’s important to stay off of your cell phone during class. If you want to take a photo of your child having a great time at their class make it quick, and be sure to only get your child in the photo (especially if you plan on sharing the photo on social media).

Clothing – Wear clothes that you can move around in and aren’t afraid to get dirty (this goes for both kids AND adults). The appropriate clothing will help you enjoy your class to the fullest! If you’re not sure what is appropriate for your specific class, do not hesitate to call and ask the front desk, they will be happy to assist you!

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