SHARED by: Karyn Alston, Assistant Director of Early Learning Foundations Preschool

It’s cold outside and you’re out of activity ideas. Technology can get a bad wrap in the world of early childhood education, but using the right tools can enhance your child’s learning and development. Below are some of my favorite apps I’ve used in the classroom.

Toca Doctor  Children solve puzzles to heal sick patients while simultaneously working on their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Edukitty – Taps into all aspects of early childhood education, including classification skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and letter, shape and number recognition.

Little Solver: Figural Analogies – Enhances problem-solving skills, cognitive development and classification skills.

Amazing Shape Puzzles – Helps to develop a child’s concentration, memory and cognitive skills.

Teach Me: Kindergarten Fully Customizable app where you choose what your child focuses on. Taps into pre-literacy skills, pre-math skills and letter, shape and number recognition.

Super Duper Fun Deck (Name That Category) – This app allows children to practice their categorizing, vocabulary and listening skills.