To celebrate Earth Day, we asked the York Avenue and Early Learning Foundations preschoolers how they could help the earth. Here is what they said:

“Not throw garbage on the floor. Put it in the trash can.” – Oscar, age 3

“I can help the plants grow by planting the seeds in the soil.” – Bronsyn, age 4

“I can turn off the water when I’m done washing my hands and turn off the lights when I’m done in that room.” Alexander, age 4

“I can recycle” Ariella, age 4

“I can eat all my food and not waste it.” Jackson, age 5

“I can draw on the front and back of my paper.” Ryan, age 4

“I can shut off the water and not waste it.” Harper, age 5

“I can recycle glass and plastic.” Ben, age 5

Earth Day Art Projects:



Ms. Rachel of York Avenue Preschool wrote a poem about Earth Day:

Today is Earth Day, April 22 (Twenty Two)
We want to help the Earth, we hope you do, too.

Recycle, plant, or ride a bike,
Turning off the lights, the Earth does the like,

Let’s work together to protect our Earth, our home,
Happy Earth Day…and that’s our poem!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!