With Gymtime NYC Team Try-Outs this week, we asked some of the Gymtime NYC Team girls what it is that they love about gymnastics.

“Practicing right before a competition!” –¬†¬†Isabella Carucci, Copper

“Improving on skills.” – Dylan Woods, Copper

“Flipping!” – Lilly Smith, Bronze

“That I get to go to competitions.” – Gabby Nafie, Copper

“I like competing.” – Marina Black, Copper

“I like being upside down and there’s a lot of that in gymnastics.” – Zoe Alywood, Copper Prep

“It’s not something you can complete in one day. You have to challenge yourself and stick with it.” – Risa Takei, Copper

“That there are so many events to choose from and so many skills.” – Sammy Slogoff, Copper

Tuesday, May 12 or Wednesday, May 13 5:30-7:30p.m.