SHARED by: Keri Young, Head of The Parenting Group at York Avenue Preschool

After working at York Avenue Preschool, it became apparent to me that the school creates a warm and welcoming environment that becomes a true community to many families in the neighborhood. I believed that a welcome addition to this community would be a parenting group, a place where parents could come together for support and guidance.  I am fortunate that the community agreed with me and am excited to announce that in September 2015 we will be beginning The Parenting Group at York Avenue Preschool. As a parent of a boy and a girl, as well as a teacher, I am in a position to understand a large picture of early childhood development. Through personal experiences, both in and outside of the classroom, I am aware of the need for a forum where parents can come together for support as well as provide concrete suggestions for their families.

A parent shouldn’t feel alone and should be able to look to others for guidance. By learning and discussion, parents are better equipped to manage each stage and milestone in their child’s development. Parents will meet weekly with other parents, as well as experts to gain insight on a variety of topics. We can all come together as a strong community and work to raise happy healthy, and functional children in a warm and successful environment. We are not alone! We encourage you to bring your child with you to the group and give him or her the opportunity to socialize with the other children. A teacher will engage the children in social interaction and play while the parents discuss a variety of topics, including parenting style, setting limits, potty training, language and motor development, technology and much more. The Parenting Group will work with ages 6-24 months.

Please stay tuned for more information on the York Avenue Preschool website regarding the program. In the meantime, for questions or additional information, email