The experiences of summer camp are some of the richest of childhood. Meeting new friends, exploring nature and having a routine to keep kids engaged and happy throughout the long summer days. Here are our top reasons why summer camp is a good idea for children, as young as 2 years old.

  • Routine – Children need routine. They crave it. Children do not have the capability to fill long periods of unstructured time. Before you know it, the “I’m bored” syndrome kicks in and days could be filled with computer games and television. ┬áSummer camp creates a routine and structure to an otherwise laid-back time.
  • Consistency –┬áSummer camp keeps consistency to your child’s days. It is helpful for children who are already in school to keep the same school schedule, rules and protocols that is expected of them during the school year. For those who are not yet enrolled in school, summer camp gives parents and children the opportunity to go through the separation before the school year begins, in a more casual environment.
  • Socialization – Camp friends are the best friends! Summer camp lends itself to be a great socialization tool for young children. They have the opportunity to meet new friends who may attend a different preschool.
  • Exploration – During summer camp, kids have the opportunity to explore different activities that they’re not used to doing in the school year. There are new art projects, water play, science activities, nature experiences and cooperative and parallel play.
  • Fun! – The Most important part about summer camp is having FUN!
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