SHARED by: Jessica Hayward, Director of Art and PEP

This fall, we’re launching a new program for the “older” artist (ages 3-4.11). Through this new art enrichment program, children will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity, while exploring the work of famous artists and creating works of their own, inspired by each artist’s respective style. Join us on an artistic adventure!

Monet is a fun artist to explore because of his impressionism style. Teach your child about impressionism and do a monet-inspired paint project together!


  • Washable Tempera Paint in a variety of colors
  • Plain Construction Paper (white or tan)
  • Paint Brushes

– Pre-fold the construction paper in half vertically, then in half horizontally. Do this step before giving your child the paper.
– Allow your child to paint freely on the paper as they wish.
– Once they’re done with the paint portion, you or your child can fold the paper back up using the creases you already made. Press down.
– Open the paper back up to see your beautiful creation.
– Allow several hours to dry. The thicker the paint application, the longer the dry time.
**This project CAN get a bit messy. Make sure you use washable paints, put paper down on your work surface and child and supervisor are encouraged to wear a smock!