Join us for an Open House to see what fun your child can have! Check the schedule below and reserve your space for a free class by calling the front desk at 212-861-7732 or emailing

10:05am – Cross Trainers (18-2 Years)
10:55am – Cross Trainers (2-3 Years)
1:30pm – Gym’ny Crickets (3-4.11 Years)
3:30pm – Girls Gymnastics (5+ Years)

10:55am – PEP (2-3 Years)
1:30pm – Sports (3-4.11 Years)

9:15am – Cross Trainers (2-3 Years)
10:05am – Cross Trainers (16-20 Months)
10:55am – PEP (18 Months-2 Years)
12:30pm – Gym’ny Crickets (3-4 Years)
2:30pm Gym Chef (3-4 Years)

10:05am – Music (18 Months-2 Years)
10:55am – Music (2 – 3 Years)
9:15am – Cross Trainers (18-2 Years)
2:30pm – Crickets (3-4.11 Years)

9:00am – Sports (3-4.11 Years)
12:15pm – Girls Gymnastics (6-8.11 Years)
12:15pm – Boys Gymnastics (6+ Years)

Cross Trainers
Cross Trainers is a fun-filled class that takes your child’s physical skills to the next level. This gently structured program starts to develop your toddler’s movement, motor and cognitive skills through dynamic physical activities, while introducing them to a unified class experience.

Gym’ny Crickets
Gym’Ny Crickets is a fun, engaging program that begins to introduce the fundamentals of gymnastics by utilizing all of the events and equipment in the gym. Working with our USA Gymnastics certified coach, students practice specific skills on the balance beam, bars, trampoline, vault and floor.

It’s the best of both worlds: paint, draw and color in our art classroom, then run, jump and climb through the gym! Engaging activities are designed to help each child develop small motor skills, eye-hand coordination and muscle control, and to begin recognition of lines, colors, shapes and textures. Exploration time in our gym builds confidence and introduces the children to social skills as they discover and play at their own pace.

Girls Gymnastics
For girls who are getting increasingly serious about the sport, this class introduces the inner workings of competitive gymnastics. Students train as a competitive team would and practicing advanced skills on bars, beam, vault and floor exercises. Coaches working with the recreational team have all competed in state and national level gymnastics competitions and teach girls according to USA Gymnastics standards.

Boys Gymnastics
Whether your child wants to get serious about gymnastics or just develop the physical skills and confidence necessary for any other sport, our Boys Gymnastics program is the place to start. This class builds strength, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination, by introducing boys to all elements of the USA Gymnastics skill development programs and practicing on our state-of-the-art, regulation-size Olympic equipment.

The remainder of class consists of organized sports including soccer, basketball and hockey. This dynamic class encourages physical well-being, health and core development.

Enter into a space where you and your child will experience hands on exploration and connection with specialized music teachers. You and your child will explore instruments, song, movement, and stories alongside teachers to foster your child’s musical instincts and interests.

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