SHARED by: Andrew Morgan, Director of Music at Gymtime

Encourage your child’s love of music with these music-centered gifts from Mr. Andrew!

  1. The Crow Sounder is superior to a lot of its instrument contemporaries because of the variety of sounds that it’s capable of producing. It’s not just a wood block with a satisfying tone to it, but also has a bumpy component that can be scraped with the mallet. This affords the child the ability to create more distinct patterns which are the foundation for beat creation. Ages 3+ Crow Sounder, Hohner Kids
  2. I think ALL the littleBits products look like a lot of fun for kids AND adults. This product requires the supervision of an interested parent/caregiver and seems like a super-fun bonding project. Synthesizers are a great way of exploring sound without boundaries and there are plenty of knobs and switches where a child can experiment. No right or wrong here… just sonic exploration. Ages 14+* Synth Kits, littleBits
  3. This is another cool gift idea that requires adult supervision and/or interest on the part of the parent/caregiver in owning a REAL instrument for a child to learn on. Why not spend a little more on an actual instrument? This is a product that the child can grow into and ultimately make real music with once his/her fingers become strong enough.* Concert Ukulele by Cordoba
  4. A child’s sense of rhythm is where it all starts! A shaker adds a percussive element to any impromptu dance party or sing-along. Egg shakers are the perfect rhythmic instrument and are used by kids and professionals, alike. There’s something alluring and stylishly simplistic that makes an egg shaker a great choice for any kid who likes to move and play. Ages 3+Egg Shakers, Nino Percussion
  5. I love melody bells because each bell has a different pitch, and they’re color-coded to that effect. Distinguishing the different pitches within the context of similar bell-like sounds helps sharpen the brain’s musical sensitivity and gives the child a better sense of tonality. Ages 3+Melody Bells (set of 8), Land of Nod
  6. There’s no wrong way to play the drums, and the louder the better, amiright?? Rock & Roll! Bongos are great because they have 2 different pitches. The child can explore the way each pitch sounds, and as his/her ear develops he/she can explore different patterns. Repetition of patterns is the foundation of how beats are written! Ages 3+Kids Bongo, Remo
*Adult supervision required!

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