SHARED by: Chris Vollaro, Director of Sports and Gymnastics

There are three things Coach Chris knows well: kids, sports and gymnastics. Which is why when we were looking for options for gift options for young athletes, we knew he would have some great options. Keep reading to make your gift as a favorite for holiday 2015.

  1. With a weigh limit of 275 lbs, this toy is not just for the little ones. Stand and balance on the moving platform, while maneuvering the colored balls across the board, all while practicing balance, coordination and building core strength. Ages 6+ Balance Board, Labyrinth 
  2. Bring spin class into the home with the stationary bike built just for kids! Plug the bike into the TV and explore shapes, colors and numbers, all while pedaling! Ages 3+ Smart Cycle Bike, Fisher Price
  3. A five-in-one multi game sound system makes this better than your average trampoline. Engage the mind and the body with audio games to play while you bounce up and down! Ages 3+Jumpstart Trampoline, Diggin Active
  4. Encourage creativity AND physical play. The Teeter Popper can be used any way a child chooses, improving their gross motor skills while having a blast! Ages 3+ Teeter Popper, Fat Brain Toys
  5. With adjustable speeds, children can adjust the movement to their ability level, turning it up a notch when ready. Kids will increase coordination and reflexes while they move to the music, hopping, skipping and dancing over the moving pole. Ages 3+  Preschool Super Skipper, Kidzooie
  6. Exercise your muscles and your mind with this engaging activity. The game is created to re-inforce early learning skills while incorporating gross motor movement. Children can play independently or with a small group! Ages 3+Crocodile Hop a Floor Mat Game, Learning Resources