Monday, March 7 marks the halfway point in the semester, which means you can purchase a half semester for half the cost! We have also added additional afternoon classes!

1-1:40pm Tiny Tot Fitness
1:45-2:25pm Tiny Tot Fitness

1:30-2:15pm Cross Trainers (18-24m)
2:30-3:15pm Cross Trainers (2-3y)

1:30-2:15pm Cross Trainers (2-3y)
1:30-2:15pm Fitness Warriors (3-4.6y)
1:30-2:30pm Kitchen Little (4.6-5.11y)
2:30-3:15pm Fitness Warriors (4.6-5.11y)
2:30-3:15pm Cross Trainers (18-24m)