Music is magic. What other explanation could there possibly be for all the joy that it brings? I’m sure scientists might have something to say about brain chemistry and pleasure centers in the brain, but I like to think of music as a mysterious entity that has the power to transport, capture the imagination and help minds expand and grow. Before a child even learns to talk, musical audio cues can trigger movement, smiles and laughter. Through repetition of the same songs, these reactions become reinforced, and eventually, the child is singing along with the words. The astounding thing is that, in many cases, the child actually knew the words to the song before he could even say them out loud. That’s how powerful music can be.

Music is universal. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, the sound of music is processed similarly in every brain. It brings people together and helps develop bonds regardless of cultural barriers. Have you ever seen a video of an American pop star performing in a non-English speaking country? It’s amazing how easily people  process and repeat a foreign language without being able to fully understand it. All of this, simply through the power of music. Music does not have to have words in order to create an authentic musical experience for the lister, stirring up emotion, thought and self-awareness. Music has the power to unite, the power to change and the power to heal.