With Mother’s Day this weekend, we popped into a few of the classrooms at York Avenue Preschool to ask students the question, “Why do you love your mom?” Keep reading for the sweetness!

“Mommy give me food. Mommy give me lollipops.” – Jessica, age 3

“She makes cake for everybody!” – Darla, age 3

“She loves me hard. She loves me very hard. And she made me a picture of a rocket. Because I love rockets.” – Andrew, age 3

“My mommy gives me covers and tucks me in with covers at bedtime.” Harper, age 3

“She gives me a lot of hugs and lets me download a lot of games on her ipad.” – Charlie, age 5

“She loves me.” Jojo, age 5

“She gives me lipstick.” Lily, age 5

“She plays Minecraft. Marty, age 4

“On some of her trips, she brings me back something.” Nate, age 5

“They give me hugs and kisses. Especially when I have boo-boos” – Liam, age 5

To all of the moms, Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for everything you do!