SHARED by: Samantha Katorkas, Gymtime NYC Team Director

It’s competition season! The Gymtime NYC Gymnastics Team a great job at last weekend’s Manhattan Classic! We are exceptionally proud of our Bronze Team who won First Place!  

We’re especially proud of Ronne and Natasha, first gymnasts ever to compete at the Silver level for Gymtime.  You represented the gym well! 

Thank you to all of our girls for your willingness to go for the gold, our coaches for your hard work, and of course thank you to our parents and caretakers- none of this would be possible without you!

First Place Winners:

  • Caroline Wilson, Bronze, Vault
  • Sophie Dauer, Bronze, Vault, All around
  • Kate Wolfberg, Bronze, Floor
  • Dylan Woods, Copper 2, Beam
  • Priyanka Gupta, Copper 2, Bars
  • Maya Westra, Bronze, Beam
  • Zoey Schwartz, Copper 1, Bars
  • Sally Dance, Copper 1, Vault, Beam, All Around
  • Rylee Bailey, Copper 1, Bars

Second Place Winners:

  • Caroline Wilson, Bronze, Beam, All around
  • Maddy Fagin, Copper 2, Vault
  • Naomi Khanna , Bronze, Bars
  • Sophie Dauer, Bronze, Bars,
  • Ava Fischer, Copper 2, Vault, Floor
  • Kate Wolfberg, Bronze, Beam
  • Sammie Ray, Copper 2, Bars
  • Emma Cilley, Bronze, Vault, Bars
  • Elise Boisson, Bronze, Beam
  • Abigail Friedman, Copper 1, Beam
  • Zoey Schwartz, Copper 1, Beam, Floor, All Around
  • Sally Dance, Copper 1, Bars, Floor
  • Rylee Bailey, Copper 1, Vault, Beam, All Around
  • Marina Rocha, Copper 1, Bars

Third Place Winners:

  • Caroline Wilson, Bronze, Floor
  • Naomi Khanna, Bronze, Vault, All Around
  • Sophie Dauer, Bronze, Floor
  • Kate Wolfberg, Bronze, All Around
  • Marina Black, Bronze, All Around
  • Maya Westra, Bronze, Floor, All Around
  • Rhyan Bailey, Bronze, Vault
  • Zoey Schwartz, Copper 1, Vault
  • Katya Benton, Copper 1, Bars
  • Rylee Bailey, Copper 1, Floor
  • Marina Rocha, Copper 1, bars