SHARED by: Katherine Grier, Librarian at York Avenue Preschool

March 2 is “Read Across America Day.”  This reading celebration takes place annually on Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  All across the country, thousands of schools, libraries, and community centers participate by bringing together kids and books.  To help our families celebrate, she has shared this special calendar of daily reading activities to do together.  Ms. Katherine says, “The activities do not involve specific book titles, so they can be done by and with kids of all ages and levels.  The focus is on feeling good about the time you spend reading and having fun doing it.  For example, you must read with a hat on, and read at breakfast.  There are also “free choice” days which allow individual readers and families to select books that are particularly meaningful to them.”  She adds, “My goal was to include activities that would both please avid book lovers and spark interest among reluctant readers or fidgety story listeners.  I hope that by the end of the month, families who have had fun using the calendar might even create their own additional calendars to use regularly.

March 1: Read in your favorite chair

March 2: Read a Dr. Seuss Book or another book with rhyming text

March 3: Free choice

March 4: Read an I Spy Book

March 5: Read while having breakfast

March 6: Read in your pajamas

March 7: Read with a hat on

March 8: Read a book with an animal as the main character

March 9: Free choice

March 10: Visit the public library

March 11: Read a book about something with wheels

March 12: Read an Eric Carle Book

March 13: Free Choice

March 14: Read with a friend

March 15: Read a fiction book

March 16: Read a book with the letter “M” or “S” in the title

March 17: Read a book with a green clover

March 18: Read a Mo Willems book

March 19: Read about a President or another famous person

March 20: Read a book about gardens, plants  or flowers

March 21: Read a non-fiction book

March 22: Read a poem

March 23: Read an award-winning book

March 24: Free choice

March 25: Read before dinner

March 26: Read standing up

March 27: Read a book to your pet or stuffed animal

March 28: “Read” a book about outer space

March 29: Your choice

March 30: Read a fairy tale

March 31: Take a Selfie While Reading