Each day at The Eastside Day School is an opportunity to learn, grow, develop and explore. Our team of educators implement a play-based emergent curriculum using materials and experiences to support learning in a developmentally appropriate environment. 

We Explore Books – We provide print-rich classrooms with a variety of learning materials to support early literacy in our Eastside classrooms. In addition to group storytimes, we encourage students to explore books on their own, laying the foundation to create future readers and writers.

We Learn Math Through Cooking –  Our curriculum introduces early math and science skills through interactive experiences.  The teachers at Eastside are early childhood educators who support the growth of our students by creating dynamic and engaging lessons.

We Crawl, Jump and Climb in the Mini Gym –  For us, physical growth is a top priority. Our age-appropriate gym equipment and trained coaches support our students’ gross-motor development.

We Learn Through Music – Children will freely explore and interact with materials in the music lab.  They are exposed to instruments, song, movement, and stories alongside teachers to foster their musical instincts and interests.

We Spend Time Outdoors Each Day (weather permitting) – Children learn from the world around them. We provide daily opportunities for outdoor exploration to help our students extend learning and make connections with the natural environment.

We Create Process-Based Art Projects – Art experiences are designed to help each child develop small motor skills, eye-hand coordination, muscle control, and to continue experimenting with lines, colors, shapes and textures. Students are encouraged to explore with a variety of materials.

We Support Social-Emotional Growth – Our skilled teachers create opportunities for children to interact with their peers in a positive, nurturing environment.  Children begin to develop a healthy sense of self through teacher scaffolding and play experiences.

The Eastside Day School is now accepting registration for children ages 12 months – 4 years. To schedule a tour, please visit EastSideDaySchool.com or call 212-734-1000.