SHARED by: Samantha Katorkas, Gymtime NYC Team Director

If you’re on vacation at the beach, there’s still plenty you can incorporate into your daily activities to stay strong, while having fun!

Jog on the Shoreline for the length of two songs

Run into ocean until the water is thigh-high and run back out to dry land 10 x

Sprint on the sand as far as you can. Then sprint back. Have someone time you!

Go for a run in the seawater at knee length as far as you can. Run back to where you started. Repeat one time.

Play a game of beach volleyball.

Toss a frisbee (make sure to RUN for those hard to get catches)

Lunge walks on the sand – 15 lunges, 2 sets

Practice your gymnastics jumps over the waves, tuck, straddle, wolf, etc. Do this until tired!

Handstands on the beach

Handstand Walks

25 Mountain Climbers on the sand – 2 sets

15 pushups or 25 modified pushups on knees

Take a nap under a beach umbrella – you worked hard!