SHARED by: Samantha Katorkas, Gymtime NYC Team Director

You don’t need an entire gym to stay fit for the summer. Practice any of these strength-building¬†exercises at home.

Mountain Climbers – 20x each side – From a plank position, pull knee to nose and then back to plank. Alternate legs quickly.

Lemon Squeezers – 10 reps

Monster Arms (tiny circles forward and backwards) – 20 each direction

Up and Downs Р10x Р Move from plank to forearm plank, one hand at a time.

Wall Sit – Hold for 60 seconds

Forearm Plank – Hold for 60 seconds

Candlestick Straight Jumps Р10 rounds РStart in a squat, roll into candlestick (shown below), roll down into a low squat, straight jump up from the squat.

Straddle Hold – Hold for as long as you can. Record your time and try to increase it by 5 seconds each time.

Supergirl – 30 seconds

Handstand Facing the Wall – 30 Seconds

Hip Raises – 30x

Burpees – 10 rounds – From a standing position, move to a squat, jump to a plank on your hands, jump back to a squat, straight jump up.

Water Break!