Last weekend, Gymtime Gymnastics’ team, Gymtime NYC had an outstanding weekend at the Harlem Invitational! As always, we’re so proud of our gymnasts. Take a peek below to see the meet highlights!


Copper 2: 3rd place

Bronze: 3rd place

TOP 3 all-around places: 


Sally D. 3rd 35.55 Copper 2

Serena S. 3rd 35.2 Copper 1

Rylee B. 1st 33.1 Copper 2

Shiloh Y. 2nd 32.85 Copper 1


Elise B. 3rd 34.9 Bronze

Emma C. 1st 33.85 Bronze

Marina B. 2nd 33.5 Bronze


Naomi K. 2nd 33.3 Silver

Caroline W. 3rd 33.15 Silver 

Gymtime NYC Top 3 Highest Scores of the Meet:

Caroline L. 9.35 vault; 9.2 floor Copper 2

Marina B. 9.2 floor Bronze

Elise B. 9.15 beam Bronze