Gymtime is excited to launch our new Scoot and Skate beginning as a drop-in class this summer for ages 3.6-4.11 years. This fall we will expand the program to include ages 5 and older. Coach Micah will lead children through exercises and obstacle coaches both on and off the board. Here are his steps to get beginners up and riding.

The 5-Step Foundation:

  1. Doughboy: these activities involve flat scoots that are all seated and laying flat on your stomach or back to get a feel for being on the board while it’s moving. 
  2. Gravity: standing on your knees.  
  3. Mayfly: standing on your knees, learn to turn, accelerate and brake. 
  4. Synergy: two feet on the board, crouching low to the board. 
  5. Metropolis: standing on two feet, vertically while pedaling and braking. 

Beginner Skills:

  • Step on and push test L/R for beginner placement
  • Pushing
  • Proper Stance
  • 1 Foot Coasting
  • Foot Braking
  • Turning Basics
  • Tick-Tacks
  • Falling Correctly – Rolling Basics End-Overs

Advanced Skills:

  • Riding Low
  • Switchfoot
  • Fakie and Switch Stance Carving
  • Pumping
  • Kick Turns (180)
  • One Footed Turns
  • Rolling Fakie and Switch Cross Stepping Slalom With Cones Rolling Off Curbs
  • Tail Stalls Honey Butter Power Slides Ollie On Flat Etchings Kangaroo Hops