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Other People’s Rules

SHARED by: Leigh Goldman, Gymtime Mom

September marks the opening of the fall social season in New York. And it’s no different for the playground set.

The start of school means it’s time for play dates. And with play dates come the inevitable questions from kids about other family’s rules and your own. Children tend […]

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Empower Your Child to be Proud of Being Adopted

SHARED by: Becky Fawcett, Co-Founder of

When I became a mother through adoption, I promised myself that my children would be raised knowing that they were adopted. It would always be discussed in an open, honest and loving manner inside and outside of our home. Because it’s not a secret. It’s how our family was […]

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While You Were Texting…

What Happens (Or Doesn’t!) When a Parent is Preoccupied with Technology SHARED By: Leigh Goldman, Gymtime Mom

Parenting has always been about multi-tasking. And handheld devices have allowed us to multi-task, organize and connect as never before…which isn’t always a good thing.

Adding Injury to Insult Not only is it insulting when someone is preoccupied […]

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Ask a Question: Coach Chris

SHARED By: Chris Vollaro, Director of Gymnastics and Sports at Gymtime

Our mailbox in the lobby is open! Our first round of questions were answered by Coach Chris. Remember to submit your question in the mailbox by the front desk and check back on the blog for the answer! (You child gets a sticker every […]

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