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Saying Goodbye at the End of the School Year

As summer officially approaches, our fun and exciting school year will soon come to an end. As teachers, we will certainly miss all of our students and their families. The children have grown so much and developed so many wonderful friendships along the way.

“Goodbyes” can be difficult for children to understand. In […]

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End of the Year: Helping Our Preschoolers Say Goodbye to Teachers and Friends

The end of the school year is always bittersweet. As a preschool Director, it is rewarding to reflect on the progress that our children have made (individually and as a social group), to applaud their learning and celebrate the new relationships that have formed throughout the year. That is the sweet side of being an […]

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A Global Classroom: Preschool Teacher’s Perspective on Incorporating Cultures into Programs

For many of us, dealing with different cultures can lead to a feeling of self-consciousness and conflict. Early childhood educators experience these feelings with students and their families on a daily basis. In a field that is constantly evolving, we must also evolve with our changing surroundings, especially when working with preschool students and families […]

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How to Hire A+ Teachers

One of the more challenging aspects of being a center director can be finding candidates and hiring the right teachers for the job. Early Childhood Education is a very specialized field of study, and requires not only the right credentials, but also the right disposition and tremendous respect for children and families.

Early Learning Foundations […]

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Understanding an Emergent Curriculum

There are many different models of creating a preschool curriculum in Early Childhood Education. At Early Learning Foundations Preschool (ELF), we prescribe to an approach that is called “Emergent Curriculum.”

Emergent Curriculum is an approach that permits learning activities to arise out of each child’s interests, actions, or spontaneous events. Embedded in this framework is […]

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