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The Opposite of Spoiled

SHARED by: Leigh Goldman, Gymtime Mom

“When you ask parents to name the worst single word that anyone could use to describe their child, a surprising number of them answer right away with the word ‘spoiled,’” writes author and New York Times personal finance columnist Ron Lieber. Lieber is the author of one of the […]

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Introducing The Parenting Group at York Avenue Preschool

SHARED by: Keri Young, Head of The Parenting Group at York Avenue Preschool

After working at York Avenue Preschool, it became apparent to me that the school creates a warm and welcoming environment that becomes a true community to many families in the neighborhood. I believed that a welcome addition to this community would be a parenting […]

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Good Praise v. Bad Praise – What You Need to Know

SHARED by: Leigh Goldman, Gymtime Mom

We’ve all witnessed one of those cringe-inducing moments when a parent praises a child for some non-event – say a 10-year-old who finishes a glass of milk or throws her trash in the garbage. In our overzealous efforts to boost kids’ self-esteem – a […]

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The 411 on 911: “No Rescue” Parenting in the Spotlight

SHARED by: Leigh Goldman, Gymtime Mom

I’ve been a parent for 12 years and have been covering the parenting beat for 15. I can’t remember when there was a parenting trend indicating that we were actually doing something right. Just look at some of the recent, modern parenting approaches.

Self-esteem boosting – we’re not adequately praising […]

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While You Were Texting…

What Happens (Or Doesn’t!) When a Parent is Preoccupied with Technology SHARED By: Leigh Goldman, Gymtime Mom

Parenting has always been about multi-tasking. And handheld devices have allowed us to multi-task, organize and connect as never before…which isn’t always a good thing.

Adding Injury to Insult Not only is it insulting when someone is preoccupied […]

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