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Watch Your Words

SHARED by: Vicky McLaughlin, M.Ed, Director of Early Learning Foundations Preschool

A recent movement in progressive models of early childhood education encourages teachers to be dynamic in practice and improvisational in the language that they use in the classroom. The ability to be “in the moment” with very young children comes intuitively to most practitioners […]

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Taking the Adoption Conversation into the Classroom

SHARED by: Becky Fawcett, Co-Founder, Executive Director of

My daughter is almost 3-years-old and since we are talking about adoption at home, I think it is important to also talk about it at school. But talking to your preschool teacher and talking to toddlers are two different things. Do 3-year-olds really understand?

Perhaps […]

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Breaking it Down: Learning Centers in Preschool

SHARED by: Karyn Smith, M.Ed Assistant Director of Early Learning Foundation Preschool

At first glance a preschool classroom may appear to be little more than controlled chaos. But if you look a little closer, you will find carefully organized spaces designed for a child’s developmental success!

A Breakdown of Learning Centers at Early Learning […]

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Understanding Learning Centers in Preschools

SHARED by: Karyn Smith, M.Ed Assistant Director of Early Learning Foundations Preschool

Learning centers are the areas within a classroom which provide children with activities and materials related by subject, purpose or projected skills. These materials are used independently by the children, or with teacher direction, to reinforce and enrich different skills or concepts. […]

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What’s the Question?

There is no such thing as a ‘stupid’ question…but it doesn’t always feel that way. Our new “Ask a Question” mailbox, located in the lobby, allows parents and caregivers to submit anonymous questions (feedback is welcome, too) that will be answered by our early childhood experts. Just jot down your query, put it into the […]

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