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Defining Circle Time

SHARED by: Vicky McLaughlin, M.Ed. Director of Early Learning Foundations Preschool

Meeting Time. Gathering Time. Rug Time. Circle Time. These are all common terms for the same thing: a time when preschoolers can look forward to spending some time with their class, as a group, each day. Developmentally appropriate circle times promote socialization, help define […]

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Meet Karyn Smith

Karyn Smith, M.Ed Assistant Director of Early Learning Foundations

Karyn, an early childhood educator for nine years, holds a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and has recently completed a dual advanced certificate at St. John’s University in School Building/School District Leadership.

Working at Early Learning Foundations has helped Karyn make a positive impact on the […]

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Is a 2 Year Old Too Young for Preschool?

As children approach their second year, they struggle with the conflict between wanting to be “big” yet still needing their basic needs met. This internal conflict has become commonly known as the “Terrible Twos;” as it is marked by tantrum-like behavior, plenty of emphatic “NO!’s,”and power struggles galore!

When parents ask if 2 years old […]

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Back-to-School Backpacks for Preschool

We love seeing our York Avenue Preschool and Early Learning Foundations preschool students back in our hallways! Take a look at some of the backpacks they are sporting!

1. Mini Mioche Herschel Heritage Backpack Organic, eco-friendly backpack in the miniature version of the classic Heritage style. It is lined with Herschel’s custom poly/cotton printed fabric and […]

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After Your Preschool Application: What Happens Next?

Imagine that it is already the Tuesday after Labor Day, and you have secured your child’s applications to prospective New York City preschools. Congratulations on successfully completing the first step of the application journey! Here are your next steps for completing the preschool application process…

1. Read the application thoroughly. Follow up with any required […]

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