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Make it Monday: Spinning Drum Noisemaker

SHARED By: Stuart Klinger, Music Teacher at Early Learning Foundations Preschool and York Avenue Preschool This is a project that requires adult supervision.

The noisemaker works by putting the stick between your open palms and rubbing them together. It creates a rolling drum sound.

What You’ll Need:

1 Empty Tape Spool 1 Round, Tapered Chopstick One Balloon […]

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Getting to Know Mr. Stuey

Stuart Klinger, known fondly as “Mr. Stuey” to students, is the music specialist for York Avenue Preschool and Early Learning Foundations Preschool. In addition to his work here, Mr. Stuey founded Bandwriting Collective, a group of songwriting and recording professionals that mentor aspiring songwriters. Get to know more about Mr. Stuey…

What is the best […]

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