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Apps for Preschoolers (Round 2)

SHARED by: Karyn Alston, Assistant Director of Early Learning Foundations Preschool

It’s cold outside and you’re out of activity ideas. Technology can get a bad wrap in the world of early childhood education, but using the right tools can enhance your child’s learning and development. Below are some of my favorite apps I’ve used in […]

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When to Introduce Technology to Children

SHARED by: Karyn Smith, Assistant Director at Early Learning Foundations Preschool

Many researchers feel children should be introduced to technology after the age of 3 years. Before then, children are developmentally within Piaget’s Preoperational Stage: children acquire representational skills in the area of mental imagery, and especially language. They are very self-oriented, and have an egocentric view; […]

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Technology at the Early Childhood Level

SHARED by: Karyn Smith, Assistant Director at Early Learning Foundations Preschool

At what age is it appropriate to introduce technology to our children? This is a question of great debate amongst educators and researchers alike. Several researchers do not recommend that children under 3-years-old use technology simply because computers do not match their learning style. Others […]

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While You Were Texting…

What Happens (Or Doesn’t!) When a Parent is Preoccupied with Technology SHARED By: Leigh Goldman, Gymtime Mom

Parenting has always been about multi-tasking. And handheld devices have allowed us to multi-task, organize and connect as never before…which isn’t always a good thing.

Adding Injury to Insult Not only is it insulting when someone is preoccupied […]

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