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Yoga for Kids: Body Awareness

Ever wonder why your toddler is constantly on-the-go? They are busy discovering their bodies and developing gross motor skills.

As young children move around, they gain a sense of their own bodies, how it moves in relation to space and how it functions doing different activities. The non-competitive nature of yoga promotes self-esteem […]

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Yoga for Kids: Perfect Posture

Developing good posture habits early on is important for a child’s growing body and overall health. A regular yoga practice can straighten and strengthen the spine, improving posture on and off the mat.

Poor posture habits developed at a young age can cause lifelong implications. Sitting, slumping and slouching can lead to abnormal curves […]

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Yoga for Kids: Flexibility

Yoga is a great way to keep your children active and flexible. It provides flexibility, keeping young muscles and bodies supple, with joints working to their full range of motion. In today’s society, many kids are watching too much television and being overstimulated by video games. Yoga can be the perfect activity to incorporate […]

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