Mommy Master, Ellie Hirsch SHARES her tips to mastering the first days of preschool for you and your child.

Where did the time go?  Are they really ready for this new adventure?  Am I ready for this?

It seems we blink an eye and our little babies are off to preschool. The first day of school definitely comes anxiety for all parties involved, but have no fear, there are plenty of ways to get through it!

  • Talk to your child regarding their feelings about the first day of school and don’t dismiss their emotions. If they express hesitation, let them know that it is perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous and that every child in the school is feeling the exact same way. If they knows he is not alone, chances are they will relate to their classmates better. Let them know that change is a good thing and point out all the wonderful new adventures they will experience, including meeting new friends, learning exciting things, playing on the playground, etc. The song “First Day of School” from my new children’s CD, “Music is Magical” is a great aid in helping to start your discussion.
  • Create a fun adventure together and head out to the store for school supplies. First let your child pick out a lunchbox/backpack which will get them excited for the first day of school. End your day out together with a special treat like ice cream. Associating positive elements with the idea of school will help for a smooth transition.
  • Parents, pay close attention to your emotions on the first day of school. It’s okay (and normal) to be sad but it’s better to show excitement instead. Children can sense how you are feeling so stay positive. Save the tears for the Boo Hoo breakfast some schools put on for the parents, or for the car. You will see many moms (and even a few dads) with tears in their eyes.
  • Set the right mood for your child before school starts. Make the car ride to school a fun place to be and use music as a way to connect with your child. Pop in your “Music is Magical” CD and turn on “Fun in the Tub,” a great reggae inspired song or “Jump,” a great techno dance track and sing in the car together.  Create a dance party, assign different dance moves and get silly. My 5 year old loves to fist pump, my 3 year old loves to clap and I like to bop my head. The rule in my car is whoever doesn’t participate gets a tickle torture when we arrive at school.  Your child will show up to school happy and will forget about his apprehension.
  • Take the time to write a note in your child’s lunchbox, especially for the first day of school. There is no right or wrong way to create the note. It can be handwritten on paper or even on the child’s juice box if you are pressed for time in the morning. A cute idea is to create your note on the computer and include a picture of you and your child. It will light up your child’s face when they open up the lunch box, sees your picture and your note (read by their teacher).
Make the first day of school a fun and memorable experience for your child, and for YOU!  For more great back to school tips, become a “Fan” of Mommy Masters on Facebook and visit us at
SHARED By: Ellie Hirsch, The Mommy Master

Ellie Hirsch is the mother of 3 boys under 5. She is a published author, blogger and founder of Mommy Masters, a resource for parents seeking a flourishing family environment.   She recently launched her music CD, “Music is Magical” which is available for purchase on iTunes, at Gymtime and

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