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Let’s face it, the anticipation of flying long haul with young kids can be enough to make you rethink your travel plans. However, the vacation at the end of it will always be worth it. So here are my top tips on making that flight bearable and maybe even fun:

  1. List: There’s no excuse for forgetting those essential items! Consult a packing list and work through it methodically.
  2. Carry On: I find a backpack is the easiest way to carry hand luggage, especially if I’m pushing a stroller/holding a baby.
  3. Hands-Free: Buy or borrow a good baby carrier. These are really useful for remaining hands-free at the airport, especially after you’ve handed over your stroller. They are also good for jiggling baby to sleep on the plane.
  4. Entertainment: Don’t just rely on electronic items to keep your kids entertained. For younger kids bring teething toys, post it notes, colored straws, stacking cups and books with flaps. For older kids, bring coloring materials, sticker books, magnet games, jigsaw puzzles and aqua doodle.Jetlag and Mayhem
  5. Snacks:  Pack lots of healthy snacks. Time spent eating will also buy you some peace and quiet!  I like to bring fresh fruit, make my own trail mix and also bags of home made popcorn. Anything you bring will be better then the food sold at the airport.
  6. Pressure Changes: Make sure your child has something to chew for take off and landing to help with ear pressure. For babies, have them drink milk. For older kids, buy lollipops (health food shops usually carry a good range).
  7. Sanitize: Pack lots of wet wipes and make sure you wipe down your tray table before using it!  Planes are full of pesky germs.
  8. Rules: Be strict from the outset and don’t allow your kids to run up and down the aisle.  Once they get a taste of freedom they’ll think it’s to try and break free at every opportunity during the flight!
  9. Keep it Cool: Try to relax. I believe kids pick up on parents attitude and the calmer you will be, the more relaxed your kids will be.
  10. SLEEP: Sleep when your children sleep!  Don’t be tempted to start watching a movie or read your book. You don’t know how long they will be asleep for and you’ll need all your wits about you if you’re on a long haul flight.

About Nicola:
Originally from London, Nicola has been living in Asia for the past nine years. She has always been obsessed with travelling, from backpacking the globe to seeking out Asia’s finer luxury destinations. After becoming a mum to two little girls (and now globetrotters in their own right!) she wanted to share her tips on making travelling with kids easier. You can find her kids travel advice site at and follow her on Twitter @jetlagandmayhem

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