“Collaborating with families, both old and new. September is always an exciting time of year, both the city and the school come alive!” – Jean Monaco, Director of York Avenue Preschool

“There is nothing as exciting as the first week of school.  I love seeing all of the smiling and enthusiastic faces as the children arrive to start the new year.  Standing by the door to welcome all of the families as they arrive in the morning and say goodbye in the afternoon is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.” Carissa Canovas, Admissions at York Avenue Preschool 

“We can’t wait to put faces with names! We look forward to welcoming our students to their first school experience and sharing many new “firsts” with them. – Ms. Keri, Ms. Elena and Ms. Lisa, Froggies Classroom at Early Learning Foundations Preschool

“Encouraging the children to use their imaginations in everyday learning.” – Ms. Lauren and Ms. Lani, Bumblebee Classroom, Early Learning Foundations Preschool

“Every year brings new challenges-learning and growing with the teachers, children, families and administrators is always exciting” Ms. Vicky, Director of Early Learning Foundations Preschool

“Building a classroom community, where the children learn together comfortably as friends.” – Ms. Tara and Ms. Becky, York Avenue Preschool, 4’s Classroom 

“Seeing how much the children of returning families have grown over the summer and welcoming new families into our community. The first day of school is always an exciting time.”– Nancy Baldaro, Director of Admissions at York Avenue Preschool

“Observing the progress the children will make and seeing the fun they will have with their teachers and friends.” Karyn Smith, Assistant Director, Early Learning Foundations Preschool

“We know the upcoming year will be a huge success! It’s such a thrill watching the children grow throughout the year.” Ms. Leslie and Ms. Linda, 3’s Classroom at York Avenue Preschool

“Watching the smiling children learn and grow throughout the year.”  Ms. Jaime and Ms. Allie, York Avenue Preschool, 4’s Classroom

“Meeting new students and their families and to begin the journey of the new school year together.” – Ms. Maria, Ms. Kate and Ms. Desiree, Bunnies Classroom at Early Learning Foundations Preschool

“Watching the new class learn and grow throughout the year. Also, making their school year a memorable and enjoyable experience.” Ms. Rachel and Ms. Katelyn, Pre-K at York Avenue Preschool

“Watching the children run into our room and grow into excited learners!” – Ms. Laura and Ms. Ashley, 3’s Classroom at York Avenue Preschool 

“Seeing how the children have grown over the summer. Welcoming new faces as well as returning friends.” Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Janelle, 3’s Classroom at York Avenue Preschool

“Meeting the new children and look forward to exploring, learning and having fun together!”  Ms. Wendy and Ms. Samantha, Kangaroo Classroom at Early Learning Foundations Preschool

“Watching the children grow as the year progresses, both as individuals inside and outside of the classroom.” Ms. Paige and Ms. Janine, 2’s Classroom at York Avenue Preschool

“Observing how the children blossom in language, social skills and independence.” – Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Yvonne, York Avenue Preschool, 2’s Classroom