The next season of Moms In Training is starting on Saturday, March 28. If you have been thinking about getting starting a new fitness routine, now is the time. Jill Erlichman, mom of three, shares her personal experience about how Moms in Training changed her life…

I am not sure what to say about Moms in Training (MIT) other than it truly changed my life.

I have done three seasons with Moms in Training and this spring will be my fourth season. Joining MIT had a very positive influence on my friend so I signed up at her encouragement. Little did I know what a transformative experience it would be!  Joining MIT gave me a joyful purpose, an opportunity to make a difference in the fight against cancer. I quickly gained a new perspective and realized how unbelievably blessed I am in life and so fortunate to be able to support those fighting their battles with cancer.

I remember being very anxious the night before the first training session. Even though I was active, I was no athlete and my experience with running was limited to scampering after my three children who were then aged almost 1, 3, and 5-years-old.  Not accustomed to leaving all three of them to do something by myself, I set out with another friend who I convinced to join me (because the one who recruited me moved to California). She shared my anxiety as she was leaving a newborn and 3- year-old home. We were quickly motivated to run after we heard the mission statement and immediately realized that it was not about us! Silly me agonizing over my own ability to run a few miles when people were running to raise money for cures for cancer, a cause very close to my heart because my own beloved grandmother, Mimi, was killed by cancer. Running with MIT connected me to women from all walks of life that I likely would have otherwise never met, some of whom I now consider them life long friends. After running with survivors, and hearing stories of why others are running, raising money and supporting the cause, I feel that I was meant to meet them and do what little I can to help. I share their stories when I am recruiting and fundraising.

I know my dear Mimi would be extremely proud. She remains my inspiration as she was a true philanthropist, her headstone reads “Her deeds speak her praises.”

Moms in Training is a flexible 10-week workout program that allows moms to get in shape and meet other moms while supporting the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! The program culminates with the opportunity to complete an optional 6.2 mile run/walk in Central Park in June.
Check out this must-see MIT video to learn what inspired 1,500 moms to raise almost $2 million for the fight against cancer!

Where do we work out?
Central Park (72nd St. – Bethesda Terrace) – Fridays, 9:30 AM & Saturdays, 9:00 AM
Central Park (86th St. & Central Park West) – Sundays, 9:00 AM
Central Park (90th St. & 5th Ave.) – Sundays, 9:00 AM
*Check out website for additional NYC locations & meetings spots!

When do we start?
 The official kick off event is on Saturday, March 28th @ 9am
*Bagels provided & kids welcome!
Ready to join? Click here!Enter the code newmoms50 (lowercase) for 50% off your registration fee!